Defend Colorado Now

Defend Colorado Now

Welcome to the official web site of Defend Colorado Now. Defend Colorado Now (DCN) worked to advance and support immigration reform ballot measures in Colorado. DCN supported an immigration reform initiative in 2006 that ultimately led to legislation being passed in a special legislative session.

Most Coloradans, like most Americans, understand the fundamental fairness of not allowing foreign nationals residing illegally in the United States to facilitate their illegal residency by accessing taxpayer provided services intended solely for American citizens.

Ongoing efforts

Defend Colorado Now is not running an initiative at this time. We encourage those interested in supporting immigration reform to sign up with Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform.

Defend Colorado Now has pressed for meaningful immigration reform sanity in Colorado. We supported efforts in the 2007 legislative session to require use of the Federal Basic Pilot program, now called E-Verify.

The E-Verify program provides for a quick and easy computer check of documents provided by new employees. Here is more information on the Federal Basic Pilot program: